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December, 2016

Average Rent Paid by Tenants in #Otley rise to £897 per month

Average Rent Paid by Tenants in Otley rise to £897 per month Back in the Spring, there was a surge in Otley landlords buying buy to let property in Otley as they tried to beat George Osborne’s new stamp duty changes which kicked in on the 1st April 2016. To give you an idea of the sort of numbers we are talking about, below are the property statistics for sales either side of the deadline in LS21. Jan...

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December, 2016

House Prices in #Ilkley rise by more than 12% in the last 18 months

House Prices in Ilkley rise by more than 12% in the last 18 months Over the last month, the Ilkley property market has seen some interesting movement in house prices, as property values in the Bradford Metropolitan District Council area rose by 2.7% in the last month, to leave annual price growth at 6.3%. These compare well to the national figures where property prices across the UK saw a monthly uplift of 0.42%,...

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November, 2016

#Otley Landlords and Tenants : What does the Tenant Fee Banning order mean for you?

Otley Landlords and Tenants : What does the Tenant Fee Banning order mean for you?

  • Tenant Fees set to banned within 12 to 18 months
  • Rents due to rise as those fees passed to Landlords
  • Landlords won’t be worse off – and neither will tenants or agents
With our new Chancellor of the Exchequer revealing a ban on tenant fees...

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November, 2016

Making an entrance in #Ilkley – Property of the month #Yorkshire

It's allowed to say 'Uber' and not call a cab! Now I must say first impressions count and this is so true in the photo I have led with for this property. I see many houses day to day and I really do enjoy a fine entrance, after all I believe this gives us a hint about the home owner, if it's a shocking pink Duke of Wellington painting then I'm getting excited about seeing the rest of the house, please show me more and quickly! Homes...

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November, 2016

An #Otley apartment that’s for keeps

Own a piece of history in this Grade II one bedroom apartment, the shell looks good but some thought needs to be given internally. Often in older buildings you will find wasted spaces, areas that aren't used to the fullest. I haven't been to this property but on the first view of the floorplan I would be looking at adding an en suite or could even an extra bedroom be added?, this of course will add further value for sale and for...

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