5 top interior tips to sell your home this #spring #ilkley #otley

5 top interiors tips to sell your home by local Interior Designer Ann Marie Cousins from AMC Design

You’ve decided it’s time to move and you want to show your house at its best. But how? And, given that other moving costs will be on your mind, how can you do so economically?

1. Declutter

You may think your home is clutter free, but the reality is that we all develop blind spots with our homes and, over time, stop noticing the pile of junk mail in the hall or the stash of shoes inside the front door.

Your buyers won’t though. The clutter will distract them from taking in the space available and will make it feel smaller. And clutter gives the impression that the house does not have enough storage.

2. Clean as a whistle

The same goes for household jobs that get overlooked. A thorough spring clean, including, making sure the shower seal is clean and bright, having carpets cleaned and dusting far corners of each room will help to invigorate your home and mean that viewers remember it for all the right reasons.

3. Weak Spots

If you’ve lived with your home’s shortcomings for so long, you may not even notice them any more. If you cannot think of any potential problems, try taking some photos of each room from several angles. Sometimes clutter or dark corners which we no longer notice are clearer in a photo.

4. Quick fixes 

When you’re getting ready to sell, there’s no point planning big projects, like replacing bathrooms or installing a new kitchen. Instead, focus on ensuring the paintwork is clean and bright, which may require a quick repaint (particularly in high traffic areas like the hall or the stairs, or if you’ve chosen a really strong colour which you love but may put buyers off). Repainting may involve buying some paint and a bit of elbow grease, but it can make a huge impact pretty quickly.

5. Add (a bit of) personality 

Investing in new bedding and throws for the bedrooms, fresh towels for the bathroom and some new cushions for the sitting room can make a world of difference without breaking the bank.

Do not declutter so much that your house looks unoccupied. Have some family photos on show or favourite ornaments displayed. Just make sure they are grouped together on a sideboard or mantlepiece, but not that your whole house shows off your extensive collections. You may love them, but buyers might not.

Selling your home means selling the lifestyle your buyers aspire to. If you can make your home look welcoming and aspirational, you’re half way there.

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