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Well Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels came out in 1998 – almost 20 years ago!

To coin one of my favourite phrases ‘It’s a steal, it’s a deal of the century’ (censored of course).

Well I have just found a steal and a deal here with a local Menston property, now I like to spot great buys on the blog and this is one in CAPITAL LETTERS.

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I haven’t come across this online agent before based down South but all I can say is someone has got one of the best buys I have seen in the Wharfe Valley since opening up here back in 2010.

With an out of area internet based agent, probably unaware of the local property market trends, I believe this has cost the vendor the think end of £25,000. Now that is a lot of money that I wouldn’t want to be walking away from in this current market.

At the end of the day why would you want to walk away from thousands and thousands of pounds?

Now I don’t know the motive of this vendor but maybe the lure of saving £500 in fees has thrown this vendor off course.

To back up the comparable evidence a 3 bed semi detached on the same road in 2013 was sold for a figure higher than this property was marketed for!

In the last 4 years property values in LS29 have increased dramatically due to local market trends, shortage of good housing stock, excellent local schools, and the fantastic transport links.

This property sold in 24 hours and I’m not surprised it did so at the price it was marketed for. You only get one chance to sell probably your biggest asset, why not look to get the best price.

I would just like to say ask your local agent for advice and ask yourself this question – Would you like to save £500 on the fee or be better off by £25,000?

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