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September, 2017

Rightmove have just released their little book of property trends #RightmoveTrends

It makes some interesting reading on a national basis

  • National asking prices increased 29% between 2012 & 2017
  • 85% of home movers say Brexit has had no impact on their decision to move
  • Properties near an ‘Outstanding’ primary school are worth £52k more
  • 44% of UK buyers are cash buyers
  • 37% of the UK population rents
  • The most searched for city after London on...

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December, 2016

House Prices in #Ilkley rise by more than 12% in the last 18 months

House Prices in Ilkley rise by more than 12% in the last 18 months Over the last month, the Ilkley property market has seen some interesting movement in house prices, as property values in the Bradford Metropolitan District Council area rose by 2.7% in the last month, to leave annual price growth at 6.3%. These compare well to the national figures where property prices across the UK saw a monthly uplift of 0.42%,...

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November, 2016

#Otley Housing Crisis? Only 1.1% of Otley Homes Are For Sale

The Otley Property Market continues to disregard the end of the world prophecies of a post Brexit fallout with a return to business as usual after the summer break. The challenge every Otley property buyer has faced over the last few years is a lack of choice – there simply hasn't been much to choose from when buying (be it for investment or owner occupation). Levels are still well down on what would be considered healthy levels from...

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October, 2016

#Otley Property Market in 2017 and Beyond

As the trees turn from green to hues of red and brown, the Otley property market has a confident feel to it. With the underlying fundamentals of a continued lack of properties being built, a shortage of properties (both in terms of quantity and quality) coming to the market and the continued low mortgage rate environment, buyer enquiries from first time buyers and buy to landlords is strong and motivation is even stronger, given those...

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September, 2016

New House Building in #Ilkley slumps by 28.4% in the last year

Let me speak frankly, even with Brexit and the fact immigration numbers will now be reduced in the coming years, there is an unending and severe shortage of new housing being built in the Ilkley area (and the UK as a whole). Even if there are short term confidence trembles fueled by newspapers hungry for bad news, the ever growing population of Ilkley with its high demand for property versus curtailed supply of properties being built, this...

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